distribution, population structure, and conservation of lion-tailed macaques (macaca silenus) in the anaimalai hills, western ghats, india.the lion-tailed macaque is an endangered species, and hence it is necessary that the remaining populations in the rainforests of the western ghats, india, be located and their habitats assessed for effective conservation. the anaimalai hills in the state of tamil nadu harbor 31 groups of lion-tailed macaques. however, the rainforest in these hills is highly fragmented. since lion-tailed macaques are typically arboreal, the groups have become isolated. two large rain-forest complexes in these hil ...200212111684
population dynamics of a group of lion-tailed macaques (macaca silenus) inhabiting a rainforest fragment in the western ghats, india.we observed the overall population dynamics and number of births and deaths in identified individuals between january 2002 and october 2005, in a large group of lion-tailed macaques in the anaimalai hills of the western ghats in the south indian state of tamilnadu. the group inhabited an isolated rainforest fragment located inside a private tea/coffee garden. the group size increased from 56 in january 2002 to 84 in october 2005. all females reproduced, and the interbirth interval was 23.18 mont ...200616912506
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