theoretical and practical results of the optimisation of hamburg's wwtps with dynamic assess the influence of the connection of a further 250,000 pe in addition to the 1.86 m pe already served by the combined wwtps köhlbrandhöft/dradenau, a dynamic simulation study was started in 1996. a previous study developing the extension of the wwtp proposed several solutions with costs between 25 million euros and 100 million euros. those concepts were examined by a dynamic simulation study for comparison and further optimisation. the simulation results indicated that with an increased ...200312926666
[quality management in private practice. a nationwide survey in germany].quality management (qm) will soon become mandatory for private practice physicians in germany. we aimed to assess the knowledge about and state of implementation of qm in german private practices. in cooperation with the stiftung gesundheit (foundation for health), hamburg, a stratified sample of 15,383 physicians was requested via e-mail in 2006 to participate in the online survey. the survey covered sources of information and experiences with qm, cost of implementing qm, and general attitudes ...200717585358
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