prevalence, risk factors and economic importance of infestations with sarcoptes scabiei and haematopinus suis in sows of pig breeding farms in hesse, germany.a cross-sectional survey was performed in 110 randomly selected pig-breeding farms of southern hesse, germany to estimate the prevalence of ectoparasite infestations and to find possible risk factors. ear scrapings of, if available, 10 sows per farm were examined for sarcoptes scabiei var. suis (de geer) (acaridida: sarcoptidae) by the potassium hydroxide digestion method, and a total of 2754 sows was inspected for skin lesions and infestations with haematopinus suis (l.) (anoplurida: haematopin ...200415642002
[hessen aok will boost the use of discounted drugs. 20 euro bonus for family physicians who "accordingly" prescribe]. 200717715668
[the costs of diabetes mellitus and its complications in germany].analysis of hospital data makes it possible to gain an interesting insight into the quality and actuality of care of diabetic patients. but it also demonstrates what immense costs arise annually in germany, especially in the treatment of diabetes-associated complications. the kodim (costs of diabetes mellitus) study used anonymized data of a sample of patients insured with two german health insurances (aok hessen and kv hessen). the data were based on the codes for diagnoses and services rendere ...200617139578
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