[outpatient orthopaedic rehabilitation: treatment, outcomes and costs as compared to inpatient rehabilitation].in a parallel design the study examined an outpatient rehabilitation model project for patients of the pension insurance scheme of rhineland-palatinate (lva rheinland-pfalz). in 6 centers for the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal diseases patients were assessed at the beginning and at the end of rehabilitation as well as six and twelve months after discharge. in this article the final results concerning therapeutic measures as well as health-related and economic outcomes are presented. not inclu ...200612007039
elimination of terrestrial rabies in germany using oral vaccination of foxes.oral rabies vaccination (orv) has become the method of choice in fox rabies control in europe. during the past three decades fox-mediated rabies virtually disappeared from western and central europe. following switzerland, germany was the second european country to launch orv field trials on its territory in 1983. this paper provides a historical overview on the emergence of fox rabies in germany; describing the basic principles and milestones of the german rabies eradication programme and prese ...201222712414
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