[cost evaluation of a model for integrated care of seriously mentally ill patients].the model for integrated care (ic) of those seriously mentally ill patients insured with the dak-gesundheit health insurance and various betriebskrankenkassen (members of the vag mitte) from the regions berlin, brandenburg, lower saxony and bremen allows a complex treatment in the outpatient setting which consists of psychiatrists, general practitioners and clinicians, psychiatric nursing, sociotherapy (only in berlin), internal medicine quality circles, orientation on treatment guidelines and c ...201423737155
impact of biogenic terpene emissions from brassica napus on tropospheric ozone over saxony (germany): numerical investigation.the role of biogenic emissions in tropospheric ozone production is currently under discussion and major aspects are not well understood yet. this study aims towards the estimation of the influence of biogenic emissions on tropospheric ozone concentrations over saxony in general and of biogenic emissions from brassica napus in special. modelling tools: the studies are performed by utilizing a coupled numerical modelling system consisting of the meteorological model metras and the chemistry transp ...200312846375
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