[cost evaluation of a model for integrated care of seriously mentally ill patients].the model for integrated care (ic) of those seriously mentally ill patients insured with the dak-gesundheit health insurance and various betriebskrankenkassen (members of the vag mitte) from the regions berlin, brandenburg, lower saxony and bremen allows a complex treatment in the outpatient setting which consists of psychiatrists, general practitioners and clinicians, psychiatric nursing, sociotherapy (only in berlin), internal medicine quality circles, orientation on treatment guidelines and c ...201423737155
drug utilization in europe--report of the euro-durg workshop and joint symposium with the eacpt berlin 16.9-18.9 1997. european drug utilization research group. european association for clinical pharmacology and therapeutics.around 1,000 participants from all european countries, but also from overseas, visited the second international congress of the european association for clinical pharmacology and therapeutics (eacpt) in berlin. the eacpt appreciates the cooperation with other scientific organizations. five out of 19 symposia offered could be presented jointly with other european societies. one of the symposia took place in conjunction with the european drug utilization research group (euro-durg). the main topic ...19989562235
the impact of atrial fibrillation on the cost of stroke: the berlin acute stroke study.atrial fibrillation (af) is an important risk factor for stroke. the primary purpose of this study was to determine the resource use for patients admitted to hospital with acute stroke and to calculate stroke-related direct costs, stratifying the results according to the presence of af as a risk factor.201517391422
[berlin declaration on tuberculosis: high level follow-up of high priority countries for tb control in the who-euro region 'double trouble or double success? bringing together diseases and programs' - a symposium report].the global tuberculosis (tb) situation has deteriorated dramatically since the beginning of the 1990s. in 2007, the who identified 18 countries of the who european region as 'high priority countries' and introduced a plan for these countries to improve the situation. to further promote solutions a who european ministerial forum 'all against tuberculosis' took place in berlin in 2007 and resulted in the 'berlin declaration' which was commonly endorsed. in october 2009 a meeting was organized by t ...201020533169
[introduction of interdisciplinary prostate cancer centers based on the recommendations of the german cancer society. a cost-benefit analysis 3 years after accreditation].the introduction of prostate cancer treatment centers according to the criteria of the german cancer society ("deutsche krebsgesellschaft", dkg) aims at improving the quality of care for patients with prostate cancer. systematic analyses of the effects and costs are lacking as yet. three years after certification of the interdisciplinary prostate cancer center at the charité hospital berlin we observed a decrease in the rate of positive surgical margins (tumor stage pt2), but other parameters of ...201121728009
using a contribution margin system to manage medical centers in berlin.after german reunification, the charité-universitätsmedizin berlin was restructured from three existing berlin university hospitals. more than a too departments were reorganized into 17 centers. professional management was necessary to improve the overall balance. a contribution margin-orientated management system was introduced in 2008 by using german benchmarks. all sectors help to improve the results continuously. in 2011, and for the first time, the balance showed a profit of 8.2 million eur ...201223016199
[100,000 euros start-up funding for the berlin researchers]. 201425383408
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