biomedical technology in franconia.medical instrumentation and biotechnology business is developing rapidly in franconia. the universities of bayreuth, erlangen-nürnberg, and würzburg hold upper ranks in biomedical extramural funding research. they have a high competence in biomedical research, medical instrumentation, and biotechnology. the association "biomedtec franken e.v" has been founded at the beginning of 1999 both to foster the information exchange between universities, industry and politics and to facilitate the establi ...200010683721
[ophthalmological assessment in procedures for disability benefits for the blind : why medical certificates alone are insufficient].financial aid for the blind which is awarded based only on medical certificates and results of examinations has in the past resulted in too many false diagnoses; therefore, bavaria seeks to pay financial aid to the blind only on the basis of a specific ophthalmological assessment according to the standards of the german pension medical ordinance (versmedv, versorgungsmedizinische verordnung). because these ophthalmological assessments initially contribute to a higher financial burden on the stat ...201626679500
impact of regional socioeconomic variation on coordination and cost of ambulatory care: investigation of claims data from bavaria, germany.a considerable proportion of regional variation in healthcare use and health expenditures is to date still unexplained. the aim was to investigate regional differences in the gatekeeping role of general practitioners and to identify relevant explanatory variables at patient and district level in bavaria, germany.201729061608
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