health effects costs of particulate air pollution.we conducted a cross-sectional study in december 1994 in three metropolitan areas of the rhone-alpes region in france (lyon, grenoble, and chambéry; total number of inhabitants = 970,000) to assess the medical costs resulting from exposure to particulate air pollution. probability samples of the general population (508 families, 1265 subjects) and of the physicians (395) and 13 hospital respiratory care and emergency units in the study area provided data on the prevalence of respiratory disorder ...199910529940
[impact of the chemotherapy protocols for metastatic breast cancer on the treatment cost and the survival time of 371 patients treated in three hospitals of the rhone-alpes region].the chemotherapy of the metastatic breast cancer is characterized by the diversity of the treatment protocols and the utilisation of new expensive molecules posing the double problem of outcomes for the patients and financial effects for the hospitals. this survey describes the different chemotherapy treatments prescribed in the metastatic breast cancer and the direct costs supported by the hospitals according to the patient survival time. a cohort of 371 patients treated for a metastatic breast ...200919696006
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