[optimizing good use and costs of anticancer drugs: a french inter regional study of the observatory of cancer].optimizing the care management of patients is a major issue for our society. in brittany-pays-de-la-loire (almost 10% of french population), an observatory of cancer has been created in 2003. its main objective was the follow-up of expensive drugs. the knowledge of the use of these drugs in clinical practice has led to development of a thesaurus of good use. thus, regular exchanges between clinicians have almost totally reduced not medically justified prescriptions by the thesaurus after and bef ...201323518301
[cost of multiple sclerosis in france].multiple sclerosis (ms) is one of the 30 chronic conditions specifically listed by the french healthcare system as a long-term disease (affections de longue durée [ald]) for which the main health insurance fund (caisse nationale d'assurance maladie des travailleurs salariés [cnamts]) provides full (100%) coverage of healthcare costs. the cnamts insures 87% of the french population (52,359,912 of the 60,028,292 inhabitants). the objectives of this study were to evaluate the direct and indirect me ...201424856285
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