[imogam rage prescription assessment in the rabies prophylaxis center of poitiers].imogam rage (igr) prescriptions were assessed in the rabies prophylaxis centre of poitiers (france).200717254729
status of the "etoile" project for a french hadrontherapy is proposed to build a national centre for light-ion hadrontherapy in france, located in lyon in the rhône-alpes region. under the auspices of university claude bemard lyon-i and with the support of a research contract between rhône-alpes region and the minister of research, a design has been elaborated. this paper reviews the medical and technical characteristics of the project, called etoile (espace de traitement oncologique par ions légers dans le cadre européen). the research programs ass ...200415971344
[organisation of clinical research in france: the new missions of inter-regional delegations for clinical research].the organisation of clinical research in french teaching hospitals has been profoundly modified over the past 15 years. the first call for clinical research projects was made by the ministry of health in 1993. this hospital program for clinical research was created by the public welfare system, a situation unique in europe and the usa at the time. every year since 1993, new clinical research projects have been supported through this program. in 2007, more than 14 million euros was provided for c ...200819238783
[telepsychiatry at the service of autism].the authors report on the set-up of a telehealth system developed to facilitate exchanges between the autism resource centre of brittany (centre de ressources pour l'autisme [cra]) located in brest and an adult psychiatry structure of vannes' hospital in the morbihan region, these sites are about 200 kilometres distant.201121349370
efs centre-atlantique donor's biobank: ten years of samples usage.the french establishment of blood centre atlantique (efsca) is one of the french regional blood transfusion centers. donor's biobank is a mandatory activity leading to the storage of biological samples taken from the blood donor. samples of each blood donation are preserved for a 5-year period at châteauroux in the form of two straws of 500microliters stored in liquid nitrogen. the aim of this study was to analyze the samples usage by studying quantitative, qualitative and economic criteria.201626711889
[faintness in emergency departments is frequent, benign but expensive: an epidemiologic study of hospitalization's risk factors to reduce overcrowdings of emergency departments].we assessed (i) the frequency of consultations for faintness in the emergency department (ed) of a university hospital centre (uhc), (ii) clinical epidemiology and (iii) cost of faintness, taking a particular interest into the determining risk factors for hospitalization.201727623330
[epilepsy surgery in children: from a multidisciplinary network to the creation of an expertise and care centre].we report on the experience of a network created in 1994 to evaluate children with drug-resistant epilepsies who are candidates for surgical treatment. the network includes epilepsy units from several university hospitals in france that decided to share not only their clinical expertise to better respond to the need for a multidisciplinary approach of epilepsy surgery in children, but also all the technical and human resources available in the various teams. this mode of operation has certainly ...200818417159
implementation of new legislative measures on industrial risks prevention and control in urban areas.incompatible at first sight, but vital to each other, the industry and the city have been developing a complex relationship for decades. from 1810 on in france, risk prevention and control in and around major industrial sites evolves step-by-step, learning from accidents. land-use planning in the vicinity of seveso establishments becomes one of the key policies in the prevention of major industrial accident hazard on european level in 1996, focussing on historical situation of concern [m.d. chri ...200616139953
[suicide risk and suicide attempt in north pas de calais region. lessons from the survey mental health in general population].the santé mentale en population générale survey (mental health in general population survey (mhgp)) is a multicentre international research and action project initiated by the world health organisation collaboration centre for research and training in mental health. its aims are to assess the prevalence of the major mental health disorders in the general adult population and from this to record perceptions associated with "mental illness", "madness" and "depression" together with different means ...201020813224
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