molecular systematics and phylogeography of cebus capucinus (cebidae, primates) in colombia and costa rica by means of the mitochondrial coii gene.we propose the first molecular systematic hypothesis for the origin and evolution of cebus capucinus based on an analysis of 710 base pairs (bp) of the cytochrome c oxidase subunit ii (coii) mitochondrial gene in 121 c. capucinus specimens sampled in the wild. the animals came from the borders of guatemala and belize, costa rica, and eight different departments of colombia (antioquia, chocó, sucre, bolivar, córdoba, magdalena, cauca, and valle del cauca). three different and significant haplotyp ...201221455949
[genetic methods for the reintroduction of primates saguinus, aotus and cebus (primates: cebidae) seized in bogota, colombia].primates are one of more confiscated taxa by the environmental authorities in bogota, colombia. during 2008, 133 monkeys were confiscated; samples from 115 of them were sequenced by the mitochondrial cythocrome oxidase ii gene (mtcoii) and 112 sequences obtained were of high quality. these sequences were compared with those obtained by our research group from individuals directly sampled in the field, with precise geographic origin. so, a more specific geographic area of the colombian territory ...201020737854
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