rhizobium anhuiense sp. nov., isolated from effective nodules of vicia faba and pisum sativum.four rhizobia-like strains, isolated from root nodules of pisum sativum and vicia faba grown in anhui and jiangxi provinces of china, were grouped into the genus rhizobium but were distinct from all recognized species of the genus rhizobium by phylogenetic analysis of 16s rrna and housekeeping genes. the combined sequences of the housekeeping genes atpd, reca and glnii for strain ccbau 23252(t) showed 86.9 to 95% similarity to those of known species of the genus rhizobium. all four strains had n ...201526025940
genetic diversity and relationship of global faba bean (vicia faba l.) germplasm revealed by issr markers.genetic diversity and relationships of 802 faba bean (vicia faba l.) landraces and varieties from different geographical locations of china and abroad were examined using issr markers. a total of 212 repeatable amplified bands were generated with 11 issr primers, of which 209 were polymorphic. accessions from north china showed highest genetic diversity, while accessions from central china showed low level of diversity. chinese spring faba bean germplasm was clearly separated from chinese winter ...201222204023
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