Epidemiological investigation and genome analysis of duck circovirus in Southern China.Duck circovirus (DuCV), a potential immunosuppressive virus, was investigated in Southern China from March 2006 to December 2009 by using a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) based method. In this study, a total of 138 sick or dead duck samples from 18 different farms were examined with an average DuCV infection rate of ~35%. It was found that ducks between the ages of 40~60 days were more susceptible to DuCV. There was no evidence showing that the DuCV virus was capable of vertical transmission. F ...201121979568
city-specific vehicle emission control strategies to achieve stringent emission reduction targets in china's yangtze river delta region.the yangtze river delta (yrd) region is one of the most prosperous and densely populated regions in china and is facing tremendous pressure to mitigate vehicle emissions and improve air quality. our assessment has revealed that mitigating vehicle emissions of nox would be more difficult than reducing the emissions of other major vehicular pollutants (e.g., co, hc and pm2.5) in the yrd region. even in shanghai, where the emission control implemented are more stringent than in jiangsu and zhejiang ...201728115153
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