prevalence and genetic characterization of toxoplasma gondii infection in bats in southern china.toxoplasma gondii can infect a wide variety of warm-blooded animals, including bats. limited information on t. gondii infection in bats is available in china. the objective of the present study was to determine prevalence and genetic diversity of t. gondii infection in bats in southern china. a total of 608 bats representing 12 species, including 120 aselliscus stoliczkanus, 59 myotis chinensis, 11 miniopterus schreibersii, 53 rhinolophus affinis, 32 rhinolophus pusillus, 81 hipposideros armiger ...201424813744
molecular characterization of cryptosporidium in bats from yunnan province, southwestern china.the present study was conducted to investigate the prevalence and genotypes of cryptosporidium in bats. a total of 247 bats, belonging to rhinolophus sinicus , rousettus leschenaultia, aselliscus stoliczkanus , and hipposideros fulvus , were collected in yunnan province, southwestern china, and the intestinal tissues were examined for cryptosporidium infection by pcr amplification of the small subunit ribosomal rna (ssu rrna). the overall infection rate was 7.7% (95% ci, 4.5 to 11.0%), with r. s ...201323886252
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