the complete mitogenome of natural triploid carassius auratus in qihe river.qihe carassius auratus is the territorial carassius auratus, which is known as for its limited distribute in qihe river (mainly distributed in henan province, china), this species is natural triploid in china. in this study, the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of carassius auratus in qihe river has been obtained with pcr. the gene composition and arrangement of mitochondrial genome sequence of this species are similar to most of other vertebrates', which contains 22 trna genes, 13 protein ...201624730610
an infection of gyrodactylus kobayashii hukuda, 1940 (monogenea) associated with the mortality of goldfish (carassius auratus) from central china.goldfish, carassius auratus, widely distributed across eurasia, is one of the earliest fish domesticated for ornamental purposes. a series of diseases break out due to high-density culture of goldfish, causing significant economic losses. here, we report for the first time an infection of gyrodactylus kobayashii associated with the high mortality of goldfish from a fish farm in anziying township of henan province, china, following their transfer to several aquariums. in the first 2 weeks after g ...201525471903
morphometric and molecular characterization of dactylogyrus vastator and d. intermedius in goldfish (carassius auratus).goldfish is known to be parasitized by at least seven species of dactylogyrus and considered as one of the most common hosts. dactylogyrus vastator and dactylogyrus intermedius are the dominant species living on the gills of goldfish. however, little information on morphometric characterization is available, which easily causes misidentification. the purpose of this study is to provide comprehensive morphometric and molecular characterization of d. vastator and d. intermedius collected form a fi ...201626779922
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