phoenix flagships: conservation values and guanaco reintroduction in an anthropogenic landscape.multiple forms of valuation contribute to public acceptance of conservation projects. here, we consider how esthetic, intrinsic, and utilitarian values contribute to public attitudes toward a proposed reintroduction of guanaco (lama guanicoe) in a silvopastoral system of central chile. the nexus among landscape perceptions and valuations, support for reintroductions, and management of anthropogenic habitats is of increasing interest due to the proliferation of conservation approaches combining s ...201525539866
[gastrointestinal bezoars].gastrointestinal bezoars are a concretion of indigested material that can be found in the gastrointestinal tract of humans and some animals. this material forms an intraluminal mass, more commonly located in the stomach. during a large period of history animal bezoars were considered antidotes to poisons and diseases. we report a historical overview since bezoars stones were thought to have medicinal properties. this magic conception was introduced in south america by spanish conquerors. in chil ...201627905655
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