adenoviral infection in captive moose (alces alces) in canada.adenoviral infection was associated with hemorrhagic enteritis, serosal hemorrhages, and severe pulmonary edema in six captive moose (alces alces) in toronto, ontario, canada: an adult female moose and three calves in 1985 and two calves in 1998. adenoviral disease was suspected based on histological findings of systemic vasculitis and widespread thrombosis associated with amphophilic intranuclear inclusions in endothelial cells. diagnosis was confirmed by immunohistochemistry using antiserum to ...200212216797
bovine tuberculosis in canadian wildlife: an updated history.mycobacterium bovis infection in wild animals attracted little attention in canada until the disease was almost eliminated from domestic livestock. tuberculosis was endemic in plains bison and occurred in elk, moose, and mule deer in buffalo national park (bnp), alberta during the 1920s and 1930s. bison were moved from bnp to wood buffalo national park (wbnp), where tuberculosis became, and remains, endemic in bison, posing a risk to efforts to restore bison in northern canada. tuberculosis was ...200920119541
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