vitamin a and contaminant concentrations in surf scoters (melanitta perspicillata) wintering on the pacific coast of british columbia, scoters are part of a community of sea ducks on the western coast of north america that have shown signs of long-term, unexplained declines in breeding bird numbers. substantial numbers of scoters winter in the major harbours on the west coast, after breeding in the west-central northern boreal forest. to address the potential for contaminants to impact the health and survival of those birds, we investigated the condition and contamination of surf scoters during the winters of 1998-2001 at ...200717407786
properties of blood, porphyrins, and exposure to legacy and emerging persistent organic pollutants in surf scoters (melanitta perspicillata) overwintering on the south coast of british columbia, canada.the surf scoter (melanitta perspicillata) is a little-studied species of north american sea duck. estimates suggest it has experienced a precipitous decline in breeding numbers over the latter half of the past century. to investigate the potential role of contaminant uptake and toxicity in the population decline, this study undertook to measure blood chemistry, porphyrin concentrations, erod, and organic contaminants in mature surf scoters wintering in the strait of georgia, bc, canada. hepatic ...201020204344
butyltins, trace metals and morphological variables in surf scoter (melanitta perspicillata) wintering on the south coast of british columbia, canada.from 1998 to 2001 we examined spatial and temporal variation in uptake of contaminants by surf scoters (melanitta perspicillata) in the georgia basin region of the pacific coast of canada. samples were collected during late fall and early spring at industrialized and reference locations, carcasses examined, and tissues collected for histology, biomarkers, and contaminant analyses. scoters from both vancouver and victoria harbours had significantly higher hepatic concentrations of summation opera ...200717618022
metal and metallothionein concentrations in scoter (melanitta spp.) from the pacific northwest of canada, 1989-1994.eighty-six surf ( melanitta perspicillata) and nine white winged (m. fusca) scoters were collected from 1989-1994 at 11 locations in british columbia and the yukon. their kidney and liver tissues were analyzed for cadmium (cd), copper (cu), zinc (zn), and metallothionein (mt) concentrations. individual kidney cd values ranged from 2.4 microg/g dry weight (dw) in birds from northern vancouver island to 390.2 microg/g (dw) in birds from the queen charlotte islands, which is in the range of values ...200212399921
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