aleutian mink disease virus in furbearing mammals in nova scotia, canada.aleutian mink disease virus (amdv) is widespread among ranched and free-ranging american mink in canada, but there is no information on its prevalence in other wild animal species. this paper describes the prevalence of amdv of 12 furbearing species in nova scotia (ns), canada.201323394546
a different entity: a population based study of characteristics and recurrence patterns in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas.cases of squamous cell carcinoma (scc) of the oropharynx were compared with other head and neck cancer (hnc) anatomic subsites in patients treated at the provincial referral centre for hnc, the nova scotia cancer centre (nscc).201526310237
patient compliance with a group model of care: the hernia february 2006, a hernia clinic was established at the queen elizabeth ii health sciences centre in halifax, nova scotia. it was based on a group model of care and was established to increase effective use of resources to reduce waiting times. we conducted a survey of patients referred to the hernia clinic to determine compliance.201222617535
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