fish consumption and contaminant exposure among montreal-area sportfishers: pilot study.a 1995 pilot study assessed sport fish consumption and contaminant exposure among montreal-area residents fishing the frozen st. lawrence river. interviews conducted among 223 ice fishers met on-site were used to create an index of estimated exposure to fish-borne contaminants. a second-stage assessment of sport fish consumption and tissue contaminant burdens included 25 interviewees at the highest level of estimated contaminant exposure (of 38, or 66% of those solicited) and 15 low-exposure fis ...199910092428
psychometric validation of the household food insecurity access scale among inuit pregnant women from northern quebec.globally, food insecurity is a major public health concern. in north america, it is particularly prevalent in certain sub-groups, including indigenous communities. although many indigenous and remote communities harvest and share food, most food security assessment tools focus on economic access. this study describes the psychometric evaluation of a modified household food insecurity access scale (hfias), developed for mixed economies, to assess food insecurity among pregnant inuit women.201728614392
training future surgeons for management roles: the resident-surgeon-manager conference.objective to demonstrate that senior surgical residents would benefit from focused training by professionals with management expertise. although managerial skills are recognized as necessary for the successful establishment of a surgical practice, they are not often emphasized in traditional surgical residency curricula. design senior residents from all surgical subspecialties at mcgill university were invited to participate in a 1-day management seminar. precourse questionnaires aimed at evalua ...201223117834
climate and physiography predict mercury concentrations in game fish species in quebec lakes better than anthropogenic disturbances.the fluctuations of mercury levels (hg) in fish consumed by sport fishers in north-eastern america depend upon a plethora of interrelated biological and abiological factors. to identify the dominant factors ultimately controlling fish hg concentrations, we compiled mercury levels (hg) during the 1976-2010 period in 90 large natural lakes in quebec (canada) for two major game species: northern pike (esox lucius) and walleye (sander vitreus). our statistical analysis included 28 geographic informa ...201626825460
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