the epidemiology of parasuicide in edmonton.the objective of this study was to examine some of the characteristics of parasuicides in edmonton and to calculate rates of parasuicide. the method involved examining all records of parasuicides attending the university of alberta hospitals for a six month period (20% of all parasuicides in edmonton are treated at the university of alberta hospitals). the results indicated that 58% of 275 subjects were single. the most frequent method (88.6%) of parasuicide was overdose. the peak age group was ...19947834595
men and women managing coronary artery disease risk: urban-rural contrasts.people's beliefs about health and making lifestyle changes associated with risk reduction and disease prevention can vary based on their gender and ethnocultural affiliation. our objective was to describe and explain how gender and ethnocultural affiliation influence the process that people undergo when faced with making lifestyle changes related to their coronary artery disease (cad) risk. a series of grounded theory studies were undertaken in alberta, canada, with men and women from five ethno ...200616115710
utilization and costs of the introduction of system-wide palliative care in alberta, of health care services provided to terminally ill cancer patients is a cost-effective strategy that underpins health care reforms in canada. the objective of this study therefore is to evaluate the economic implications associated with canadian innovations in the delivery of palliative care services.200516295282
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