serologic studies on brucellosis, leptospirosis and tularemia in moose (alces alces) in quebec.blood samples were obtained from 208 moose in la vérendrye and matane reserves and in laurentides park, quebec, canada. sera were tested for antibodies to brucella abortus, leptospira interrogans serovar ballum, canicola, grippotyphosa, hardjo, icterohaemorrhagiae and pomona, and francisella tularensis. fifteen sera contained evidence of prior exposure to f. tularensis. only one animal was a seroreactor to l. interrogans serovar grippotyphosa and none of them had antibodies to b. abortus.19846429355
cadmium levels in ontario moose and deer in relation to soil sensitivity to acid precipitation.this study examines the influence of buffering capacity of the soil on the levels of cadmium in the kidney, liver and muscle of moose and white-tailed deer from nine sampling sites (four buffered and five non-buffered) in ontario, canada. tissues collected from hunter-killed moose and deer during 1984 and 1985 were analysed for cadmium. tissue from moose in the non-buffered algonquin park site (21.9 +/- 1.1 mg/kg wet weight) and the buffered st. joseph island site (12.7 +/- 3.2 mg kg-1) had the ...19883381081
influence of forage preferences and habitat use on 13c and 15n abundance in wild caribou (rangifer tarandus caribou) and moose (alces alces) from canada.stable isotope composition (delta(13)c and delta(15)n) of moose (alces alces) and caribou (rangifer tarandus) hair from the boreal forest of jacques-cartier park and cote-nord (quebec) and arctic tundra of queen maud gulf and southampton island (nunavut) was investigated as an indicator of dietary preferences and habitat use. values of delta(13)c(hair) and delta(15)n(hair) in moose were consistently lower compared to those of caribou. this is consistent with the depletion in (13)c and (15)n in t ...201020229388
echinococcus granulosus (cestoda: taeniidae) infections in moose (alces alces) from southwestern quebec.investigation of the distribution of larval echinococcus granulosus in a moose population from southwestern quebec revealed a distinct and stable pattern of infection with a prevalence of 44% (n = 580). positive correlations between moose age and the intensity, mean cyst weight and biomass of the hydatid cysts suggested a process of continued parasite acquisition and cyst growth. the distribution of cyst sizes within individual moose provided circumstantial evidence of interaction between cysts, ...19873625899
investigation of antibodies against fasciola hepatica in moose alces americana.a serological investigation was carried out to check the presence of antibodies against fasciola hepatica in a collection of 125 sera moose alces americana killed in the province of quebec. as revealed by hemagglutination tests, two moose had titers suggesting contact with this parasite.1979476552
high risk of lead contamination for scavengers in an area with high moose hunting predators and scavengers are vulnerable to pollutants, particularly those accumulated along the food chain. lead accumulation can induce severe disorders and alter survival both in mammals (including humans) and in birds. a potential source of lead poisoning in wild animals, and especially in scavengers, results from the consumption of ammunition residues in the tissues of big game killed by hunters. for two consecutive years we quantified the level lead exposure in individuals of a sentinel ...201425389754
lead exposure through consumption of big game meat in quebec, canada: risk assessment and meat from animals killed by lead ammunition may expose consumers to lead. we assessed the risk related to lead intake from meat consumption of white-tailed deer and moose killed by lead ammunition and documented the perception of hunters and butchers regarding this potential contamination. information on cervid meat consumption and risk perception were collected using a mailed self-administrated questionnaire which was addressed to a random sample of quebec hunters. in parallel, 72 samples ...201526161681
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