two different avipoxviruses associated with pox disease in magellanic penguins (spheniscus magellanicus) along the brazilian coast.a novel avipoxvirus caused diphtheritic lesions in the oesophagus of five and in the bronchioli of four magellanic penguins (spheniscus magellanicus) and also cutaneous lesions in eight magellanic penguins housed in outdoor enclosures in a rehabilitation centre at florianópolis, santa catarina state, brazil. at the same time, another avipoxvirus strain caused cutaneous lesions in three magellanic penguins at a geographically distinct rehabilitation centre localized at vila velha, espírito santo ...201324164638
persistent organic pollutants in juvenile magellanic penguins (spheniscus magellanicus) in south america.magellanic penguins, spheniscus magellanicus, are the most abundant penguins living in temperate regions of south america and are good indicators of environmental pollution in the region. persistent organic pollutants (pops) were detected in the liver of magellanic penguins found debilitated or dead on the beaches of brazil (states of rio de janeiro, sao paulo, santa catarina and rio grande do sul) between 2008 and 2012 as well as in uruguay and chile in 2011. polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) we ...201626881336
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