identification by computer-simulated rflp of phytoplasmas associated with eggplant giant calyx representative of two subgroups, a lineage of 16sriii-j and the new subgroup 16sriii-u.symptoms resembling giant calyx, a graft-transmissible disease, were observed on 1-5 % of eggplant (aubergine; solanum melongena l.) plants in production fields in sao paulo state, brazil. phytoplasmas were detected in 12 of 12 samples from symptomatic plants that were analysed by a nested pcr assay employing 16s rrna gene primers r16mf2/r16mr1 followed by r16f2n/r16r2. rflp analysis of the resulting rrna gene products (1.2 kb) indicated that all plants contained similar phytoplasmas, each close ...201020622054
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