mitochondrial dna polymorphism among populations of melipona quadrifasciata quadrifasciata lepeletier (apidae: meliponini) from southern brazil.the geographical distribution of the brazilian endemic stingless bee melipona quadrifasciata quadrifasciata lepeletier ranges from rio grande do sul to minas gerais states. the objective of the present study was to verify mtdna polymorphisms among samples of m. q. quadrifasciata collected in southern brazil. twenty nine colonies from three localities (blumenau and mafra/sc and prudentópolis/ pr) were sampled. seven mtdna regions were amplified and further digested with 15 restriction enzymes (pc ...200919488509
starmerella neotropicalis f. a., sp. nov., a yeast species found in bees and pollen.a novel yeast species was found repeatedly and in high cell densities in underground-nesting stingless bees of the species melipona quinquefasciata and their provisions in northern minas gerais (brazil). one additional strain was isolated from bee-collected pollen in cuba. phylogenetic analyses based on rrna gene sequences (d1/d2 large subunit gene and internal transcribed spacer) indicated that the novel species belongs to the starmerella clade and is most closely related to candida (iter. nom. ...201323959828
infestation by pyemotes tritici (acari, pyemotidae) causes death of stingless bee colonies (hymenoptera: meliponina).we report the infestation of stingless bee nests by the mite pyemotes tritici, which killed four colonies of tetragonisca angustula and one colony of frieseomelitta varia in brazil. the first infected colony, a colony of t. angustula, came from an area between uberlândia and araguari, minas gerais. the transfer of the mites to the other colonies occurred through the transfer of infected combs and subsequent manipulations. other colonies in the same meliponary, which had not been manipulated, wer ...200919554756
safeguarding ecosystem services: a methodological framework to buffer the joint effect of habitat configuration and climate change.ecosystem services provided by mobile agents are increasingly threatened by the loss and modification of natural habitats and by climate change, risking the maintenance of biodiversity, ecosystem functions, and human welfare. research oriented towards a better understanding of the joint effects of land use and climate change over the provision of specific ecosystem services is therefore essential to safeguard such services. here we propose a methodological framework, which integrates species dis ...201526091014
isoenzyme variation in melipona rufiventris (hymenoptera: apidae, meliponina) in minas gerais state, brazil.the stingless bee melipona rufiventris is an important pollinator in several brazilian ecosystems. originally widely distributed in minas gerais (mg) state, this species is becoming very rare. therefore this species was included in the endangered species list of mg. we used isoenzyme data for a better understanding of the genetic structure of several m. rufiventris colonies. samples of 35 colonies were collected from 12 localities and evaluated by nine enzymatic systems, which yielded 17 loci. m ...200515859519
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