occurrence of prosthenorchis elegans in free-living primates from the atlantic forest of southern bahia, brazil.parasite prevalence and abundance are important factors affecting species' conservation. during necropsies on a free-living golden-headed lion tamarin ( leontopithecus chrysomelas ) and two wied's marmosets ( callithrix kuhlii ) in the atlantic forest of southern bahia, brazil, we collected a large number of adult intestinal parasites that we identified as prosthenorchis elegans. this parasite is pathogenic for neotropical primates. prosthenorchis spp. infestation is influenced by diet with incr ...201626981688
play behavior of the golden-headed lion tamarin in brazilian cocoa agroforests.during play, primates may become more vulnerable to predation. our goal was to examine the potential role of predation risk on the play behavior of 3 groups of golden-headed lion tamarin, leontopithecus chrysomelas, in shaded cocoa agroforest (cabruca) of southern bahia, brazil. we identified the preferred (and safer) locations on vertical strata during playtime and investigated if frequency and duration of play differed according to group size. all groups preferred to play on the lower levels o ...201425116696
diet, foraging, and use of space in wild golden-headed lion tamarins.lion tamarins (callitrichidae: leontopithecus) are small frugi-faunivores that defend large home ranges. we describe results from the first long-term investigation of wild golden-headed lion tamarins (l. chrysomelas; ghlts). we present data about activity budgets, daily activity cycles, diet, daily path length, home range size, home range overlap, and territorial encounters for three groups of ghlts that were studied for 1.5-2.5 years in una biological reserve, bahia state, brazil, an area chara ...200415152369
"we black women have to kill a lion everyday": an intersectional analysis of racism and social determinants of health in brazil.the concept of intersectionality has been used to analyze and understand how multiple forms of identity and oppression interact to shape life experiences of marginalized groups. we conducted a qualitative study to explore how black brazilian women experience the intersections of race, class, and gender and the ways in which these intersecting experiences act as social determinants of health. nine focus groups were conducted with black, white, and mixed-race women of childbearing age (n = 37), so ...201728760333
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