ethnobiology of snappers (lutjanidae): target species and suggestions for this study, we sought to investigate the biology (diet and reproduction) and ethnobiology (fishers knowledge and fishing spots used to catch snappers) of five species of snappers (lutjanidae), including lutjanus analis, lutjanus synagris, lutjanus vivanus, ocyurus chrysurus, and romboplites saliens at five sites along the northeast (riacho doce, maceió in alagoas state, and porto do sauípe, entre rios at bahia state) and the southeast (se) brazilian coast (paraty and rio de janeiro cities at ...201121410969
local strategies to address health needs of individuals with orofacial clefts in alagoas, brazil.objective : to describe demographic and clinical-genetic characteristics of patients from a poor area of brazil and to share experience on how the local genetic unit has addressed their major health needs. design : descriptive cohort. setting : a clinical-genetic unit, a cytogenetics unit, and a regional cleft team located in the northeast and southeast of brazil. participants : a total of 133 individuals with orofacial clefts who attended the surgical call of a nongovernmental organization. fro ...201322236341
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