isoenzyme characterization of trypanosoma evansi isolated from capybaras and dogs in brazil.trypanosoma evansi was seen in blood samples taken randomly from both wild and semi-captive capybaras caught in mato grosso do sul state, brazil and in sick dogs brought into local veterinary clinics. trypanosome stocks from capybaras and dogs were significantly different in their patterns of growth in mice, while the trypanosomes from dogs were mostly dyskinetoplastic. by isoenzyme electrophoresis all the trypanosomes were of the most common type of t. evansi found elsewhere.19892571248
ticks (acari: ixodidae) on wild animals from the porto-primavera hydroelectric power station area, brazil.from june 2000 to june 2001, a total of 741 ticks were collected from 51 free-living wild animals captured at the porto-primavera hydroelectric power station area, located alongside an approximately 180 km course of the paran river, between the states of s o paulo and mato grosso do sul, comprising 9 species of 3 genera: ambly-omma (7 species), boophilus (1) and anocentor (1). a total of 421 immature amblyomma ticks were reared in laboratory until the adult stage, allowing identification of the ...200312563479
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