rickettsia parkeri in amblyomma dubitatum ticks in a spotted fever focus from the brazilian pampa.spotted fever is an acute febrile illness, which is considered severely underreported and misdiagnosed in the brazilian pampa, caused by tick-borne rickettsiae. here, we report an eco-epidemiological investigation of rickettsia spp. in ticks from a spotted fever focus in toropi, southern brazil. ticks were collected from capybara carcasses and processed individually to obtain genomic dna. rickettsia was investigated using pcr that amplified the rickettsial fragments of the glta, ompa and htra ge ...201728359827
draft genome of the leptospira interrogans strains, acegua, rca, prea, and capivara, obtained from wildlife maintenance hosts and infected domestic the present paper, we announce new draft genomes of four leptospira interrogans strains named acegua, rca, prea, and capivara. these strains were isolated in the state of rio grande do sul, brazil, from cattle, dog, brazilian guinea pig, and capybara, respectively.201627074260
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