perfluorooctane sulfonic acid and organohalogen pollutants in liver of three freshwater fish species in flanders (belgium): relationships with biochemical and organismal effects.a perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (pfos) assessment was conducted on gibel carp (carassius auratus gibelio), carp (cyprinus carpio), and eel (anguilla anguilla) in flanders (belgium). the liver pfos concentrations in fish from the ieperlee canal (boezinge, 250-9031 ng/g wet weight, respectively) and the blokkersdijk pond (antwerp, 633-1822 ng/g wet weight) were higher than at the zuun basin (sint-pieters-leeuw, 11.2-162 ng/g wet weight) and among the highest in feral fish worldwide. eel from the o ...200515963371
cytosolic distribution of cd, cu and zn, and metallothionein levels in relation to physiological changes in gibel carp (carassius auratus gibelio) from metal-impacted the present study the impact of environmental metal contamination in gibel carp (carassius auratus gibelio) was investigated coupling disturbances in subcellular metal distribution to effect biomarkers. gibel carp were caught at six different sampling sites in flanders (belgium), characterized by different degrees in environmental metal contamination. tissue cd, cu and zn concentrations and total metallothioneon (mt) levels were determined in gills, liver and kidney. cytosolic metal distribut ...201019900706
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