impact of tannery effluents on the aquatic environment of the buriganga river in dhaka, bangladesh.this study presents an overview of the existence and effects of six heavy metals, chromium (cr), lead (pb), cadmium (cd), mercury (hg), manganese (mn), and aluminum (al), in tannery effluents released to the buriganga river in dhaka, bangladesh. the pollutants were found in three different sources, such as effluents from tanneries, contaminated river water and three species of fish-climbing perch (anabas testudineus), spotted snakehead (channa punctata), and black tilapia (oreochromis mossambicu ...201625216801
metal speciation in sediment and their bioaccumulation in fish species of three urban rivers in bangladesh.six trace metals (chromium [cr], nickel [ni], copper [cu], arsenic [as], cadmium [cd] and lead [pb]) were measured in sediments and soft tissues of three commonly consumed fish species (channa punctatus, heteropneustes fossilis, and trichogaster fasciata) collected from three urban rivers around dhaka city, bangladesh. the abundance of total metals in sediments varied in the decreasing order of cr > ni > pb > cu > as > cd. sequential extraction tests showed that the studied metals were predomina ...201525213477
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