historical study: johann gregor mendel 1822-1884.the life and personality of johann gregor mendel (1822-1884), the founder of scientific genetics, are reviewed against the contemporary background of his times. at the end are weighed the benefits for mendel (as charged by sir ronald fisher) to have documented his results on hand of falsified data. mendel was born into a humble farm family in the "kuhländchen", then a predominantly german area of northern moravia. on the basis of great gifts mendel was able to begin higher studies; however, he f ...19911887835
endovascular brachytherapy: restenosis in de novo versus recurrent lesions of femoropopliteal artery--the vienna determine the effectiveness of endovascular brachytherapy in the prevention of restenosis in recurrent versus de novo femoropopliteal lesions.200515955854
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