mitigation of three water supplies with high radon exposure to the employees.a comprehensive survey to determine the occupational radiation exposure in water supplies and spas was conducted in the federal state of upper austria. the study comprises 45 water supplies. the limit for radon exposure of 6 mbq h m(-3) was exceeded by two water supplies (ws 33 and ws 42). in one water supply (ws 29), the level of 2 mbq h m(-3) was exceeded. these water supplies were mitigated. prior to mitigation the main radon sources were identified. mitigation measures were: evacuation of th ...200818640999
low levels of air pollution induce changes of lung function in a panel of search of sensitive screening parameters for assessing acute effects of ambient air pollutants in young schoolchildren, the impact of 8-h average air pollution before lung function testing was investigated by oscillatory measurements of resistance and spirometry with flow-volume loops. at a central elementary school in linz, the capital of upper austria, 163 children aged 7-10 yrs underwent repeated examinations at the same time of day during 1 school year, yielding a total of 11-12 lung func ...200616455832
[deinstitutionalization of long-stay psychiatric patients in upper austria -- utilization of healthcare resources and costs of outpatient care].the study was intended to evaluate the therapeutic and healthcare services utilized by 116 former long-stay patients after an average of 42.9 months of deinstitutionalization during a follow-up time of (1/2) year and to calculate the costs thus incurred.200616502385
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