analysis of the learning curve for pre-cut corneal specimens in preparation for lamellar transplantation: a prospective, single-centre, consecutive case series prepared at the lions new south wales eye bank.this study is the first paper to establish a learning curve by a single technician.201728263034
implementation of organ culture storage of donor corneas: a 3 year study of its impact on the corneal transplant wait list at the lions new south wales eye bank.organ culture corneal storage offers an extended storage time and increased donor pool and tissue assessment opportunities. in september 2011, the lions new south wales eye bank (lnsweb) moved from hypothermic storage to organ culture corneal storage. this study evaluates the impact of implementation of organ culture on donor eye retrieval and the corneal transplant waiting list over a 3 year period in nsw, australia. retrospective review of the lnsweb data from september 2011 to august 2014. ti ...201627142497
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