colony location and captivity influence the gut microbial community composition of the australian sea lion (neophoca cinerea).gut microbiota play an important role in maintenance of mammalian metabolism and immune system regulation, and disturbances to this community can have adverse impacts on animal health. to better understand the composition of gut microbiota in marine mammals, fecal bacterial communities of the australian sea lion (neophoca cinerea), an endangered pinniped with localized distribution, were examined. a comparison of samples from individuals across 11 wild colonies in south and western australia and ...201627037116
real-time teleophthalmology video consultation: an analysis of patient satisfaction in rural western australia.teleophthalmology, particularly real-time video consultation, holds great potential in australia and similar countries worldwide, where geography, population and medical workforce distribution make it difficult to provide specialist eye services outside of major cities. assessment and referrals from rural optometrists are vital to the success of teleophthalmology. while there is good evidence for the efficacy of such services, there is limited evidence for patient satisfaction with video consult ...201728436157
optometric use of a teleophthalmology service in rural western australia: comparison of two prospective audits.lions outback vision provides a telehealth service ('the telehealth service') to rural and remote communities in western australia aiming to deliver timely ophthalmic care to this underserved population. a number of barriers to its use were identified by an initial prospective audit. a multifaceted intervention was designed to increase the use of the telehealth service by optometrists.201626956453
evaluating a health video on diabetic retinopathy.issue addressed indigenous australians are 14 times more likely than non-indigenous australians to develop diabetic retinopathy (dr). blindness can be prevented in 98% of cases if dr is identified and treated early. while the national health and medical research council recommend annual screening for indigenous australians, screening attendance rates remain low. the objective of this study was to evaluate whether a targeted health promotion intervention improved patient compliance and screening ...201626855009
real-time teleophthalmology in rural western australia.this study aims to assess the current utilisation of a real-time teleophthalmology service for rural western australia (wa).201525851959
diabetic screening in western australia: a photographer's perspective.western australia has a large landmass and low population density. dating back to the 1970s and even today, specialist medical services are often lacking or non-existent outside of perth, the capital city. diabetes has always been a major health problem, particularly in the australian aboriginal community. in conjunction with the lions save sight foundation and diabetes foundation of western australia a diabetic screening programme was initiated in 1978 for rural and remote diabetics. the progra ...200616928589
validity of melanoma diagnosis in a community-based screening program.although screening for melanoma is intuitively attractive, evidence of the effectiveness of screening programs for skin cancer is lacking. since 1990, the lions cancer institute has conducted clinics in western australia in which volunteer plastic surgeons and dermatologists undertake full-body skin screens. advertisements for attendees target people with risk factors for skin cancer. each person screened between 1994 and 2002 (n = 7,436) completed a questionnaire including basic demographic inf ...200616760225
who attends skin cancer screening in western australia? results from the lions cancer institute skin cancer screening examine the characteristics of persons attending a skin cancer screening clinic in western australia and compare the effectiveness of screening in different socio-demographic subgroups.200616502955
[interdisciplinary research at the "lions eye institute" of western australia and the development of ophthalmic biomaterials]. 200212023739
cutaneous malignant melanoma in western australia.the first detailed epidemiological and histological studies of cutaneous malignant melanoma in western australia have been undertaken recently. high and, apparently, increasing annual incidence rates have been confirmed (1975/76: 23.0/100 000 in males, 25.0/100 000 in females. 1980/81: 28.9/100 000 in males, 31.5/100 000 in females--rates for pre-invasive and invasive lesions combined). the results support a causal relationship of sunlight exposure with cutaneous melanoma in general, while sugge ...19853900898
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