identification of novel and zoonotic cryptosporidium species in marine fish.little is known about the prevalence and genotypes of cryptosporidium in fish. the present study investigated the prevalence of cryptosporidium species in cultured fingerlings (n=227), wild freshwater (n=227) and wild marine/estuarine species (n=255) of fish in western australia by pcr amplification at the 18s rrna locus. results revealed a low prevalence of cryptosporidium infection in fish hosts; 0.8% (6/709). four species of cryptosporidium were identified including c. parvum, c. xiaoi and pi ...201020031326
implications of the divergent use of a suite of estuaries by two exploited marine fish species.biological characteristics of the marine species king george whiting sillaginodes punctatus and australian herring arripis georgianus in three seasonally open estuaries (broke, irwin and wilson inlets), one permanently open estuary (oyster harbour) and one normally closed estuary (wellstead estuary) on the south coast of western australia have been determined and compared. sillaginodes punctatus enters the seasonally and permanently open estuaries early in life and reaches total lengths (l(t)) > ...201121884106
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