interactions between a trawl fishery and spatial closures for biodiversity conservation in the great barrier reef world heritage area, australia.the queensland east coast otter trawl fishery (ecotf) for penaeid shrimp fishes within australia's great barrier reef world heritage area (gbrwha). the past decade has seen the implementation of conservation and fisheries management strategies to reduce the impact of the ecotf on the seabed and improve biodiversity conservation. new information from electronic vessel location monitoring systems (vms) provides an opportunity to review the interactions between the ecotf and spatial closures for bi ...201121695155
satisfaction with fishing and the desire to leave.predicting who may leave a fishery is an important consideration when designing capacity reduction programs to enhance both ecological and economic sustainability. in this paper, the relationship between satisfaction and the desire to exit a fishery is examined for the queensland east coast trawl fishery. income from fishing, and changes in income over the last 5 years, were key factors affecting overall satisfaction. relative income per se was not a significant factor, counter to most satisfact ...201525391556
establishing a public health analytical service based on chemical methods for detecting and quantifying pacific ciguatoxin in fish samples.a referee analysis method for the detection and quantification of pacific ciguatoxins in fish flesh has recently been established by the public health analytical laboratory for the state of queensland, australia. fifty-six fish samples were analysed, which included 10 fillets purchased as negative controls. p-ctx-1 was identified in 27 samples, and p-ctx-2 and p-ctx-3 were found in 26 of those samples. the range of p-ctx-1 concentrations was 0.04-11.4 microg/kg fish flesh; coefficient of variati ...201019647011
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