single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis of genetic variation in labiostrongylus longispicularis from kangaroos.single-strand conformation polymorphism (sscp) analysis was employed to screen for sequence heterogeneity in the second internal transcribed spacer (its-2) of ribosomal (r) dna of labiostrongylus longispicularis, a parasitic strongylid nematode occuring in some species of kangaroo in different geographical regions of australia. the results showed that most of the nematodes screened had different sscp profiles, which were subsequently shown to correspond to polymorphisms and/or an indel in the it ...200111465490
urban australians using recycled water for domestic non-potable use--an evaluation of the attributes price, saltiness, colour and odour using conjoint analysis.recycled water use in urban areas is viewed as one part of the solution to australia's water shortage. the effectiveness of policies designed to promote recycled water systems depends on the acceptance by the community of the price, colour, odour and salt content of the recycled water. in australia and other countries, limited research has been conducted that investigates community attitudes to and willingness to pay for recycled water, especially in urban settings. community acceptance of recyc ...200716678338
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