a new lineage of trypanosomes from australian vertebrates and terrestrial bloodsucking leeches (haemadipsidae).little is known about the trypanosomes of indigenous australian vertebrates and their vectors. we surveyed a range of vertebrates and blood-feeding invertebrates for trypanosomes by parasitological and pcr-based methods using primers specific to the small subunit ribosomal rna (ssu rrna) gene of genus trypanosoma. trypanosome isolates were obtained in culture from two common wombats, one swamp wallaby and an australian bird (strepera sp.). by pcr, blood samples from three wombats, one brush-tail ...200515777919
population trends associated with skin peptide defenses against chytridiomycosis in australian frogs.many species of amphibians in the wet tropics of australia have experienced population declines linked with the emergence of a skin-invasive chytrid fungus, batrachochytrium dendrobatidis. an innate defense, antimicrobial peptides produced by granular glands in the skin, may protect some species from disease. here we present evidence that supports this hypothesis. we tested ten synthesized peptides produced by australian species, and natural peptide mixtures from five queensland rainforest speci ...200616205955
the marine biologist--bob endean.bob endean was a dedicated marine biologist with an extensive knowledge of coral reef communities in the great barrier reef and fauna in subtropical queensland waters. he commenced a study of venomous and poisonous marine animals dangerous to man at a time when the field was new, employing a variety of techniques to investigate the venom apparatus, mode of delivery of venom or toxin, mode of toxic action on excitable tissues, and biochemistry of venom or toxin. determination of the pharmacologic ...200616952385
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