a comparative study of trypanosoma cruzi infection in sylvatic mammals from a protected and a disturbed area in the argentine chaco.understanding the complex epidemiology of trypanosoma cruzi transmission cycles requires comparative studies in widely different environments. we assessed the occurrence of t. cruzi infection in sylvatic mammals, their infectiousness to the vector, and parasite genotypes in a protected area of the argentine chaco, and compared them with information obtained similarly in a nearby disturbed area. a total of 278 mammals from >23 species in the protected area were diagnosed for t. cruzi infection us ...201626708994
new sylvatic hosts of trypanosoma cruzi and their reservoir competence in the humid chaco of argentina: a longitudinal study.a four-year longitudinal study of the structure of sylvatic transmission cycles of trypanosoma cruzi, reservoir host competence and parasite discrete typing units was conducted in a disturbed rural area of the humid chaco in argentina. among 190 mammals examined by xenodiagnosis and polymerase chain reaction amplification, the composite prevalence of infection was substantially higher in dasypus novemcinctus armadillos (57.7%) and didelphis albiventris opossums (38.1%) than in euphractus sexcinc ...201323530075
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