lamanema chavezi (nematoda: molineidae): epidemiological data of the infection in south american camelids of northwest argentina.faecal samples from llamas (n=708), vicuñas (n=171) and guanacos (n=4) were obtained between december 2004 and may 2009 in three provinces of northwest argentina (jujuy, salta and catamarca) to know the distribution, prevalence and intensity of lamanema chavezi infection in these south american camelid species (sacs). faeces were examined by a sedimentation-flotation technique using a cl(2)zn+clna solution (specific gravity=1.59). eggs of l. chavezi occurred in 30.3% of 89 llama herds and in 18. ...200919819627
discovery and molecular characterization of a group a rotavirus strain detected in an argentinean vicuña (vicugna vicugna).the wild vicuña (vicugna vicugna) is one of the four species of native south american camelids (sacs) in addition to the wild guanaco, and their domesticated counterparts, alpaca and llama, respectively. serological data have indicated the presence of group a rotaviruses (rva) specific antibodies in all 4 members of the sac, and so far, rva has been detected from alpacas, llamas and guanacos. a total of 59 fecal samples from healthy wild newborn and juvenile vicuñas, raised in captivity in jujuy ...201322877519
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