detection of trypanosoma evansi infection in wild capybaras from argentina using smear microscopy and real-time pcr assays.trypanosoma evansi is a flagellated protozoan that parasitizes a wide variety of mammals, occasionally including humans. in south america, it infects horses, cattle, buffaloes, dogs and wild mammals, causing a disease known as "mal de caderas", which results in important economic losses due to a wide range of pathological expressions. argentina represents the southern limit of its distribution. the capybara (hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) is a large rodent found in tropical to temperate freshwater w ...201424636712
the geographic spread of "el mal de las caderas" in capybaras (hydrochaeris hydrochaeris).the aim of this work is to describe an epidemiological model for a capybara (hydrochaeris hydrochaeris) population. the model considers a tabanid ("mutuca") population (diptera: tabanidae), as a vector for the disease called "mal de las caderas" in estero del ibera, corrientes, argentina. the study of this problem has ecological and economical importance since the meat and the hide of the capybara can be an exploitation resource. at first, a threshold value is determined as a function of the mod ...200818228108
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