evaluation of various control agents against mosquito larvae in rice paddies in taiwan.a field test was conducted in rice paddies adjacent to wufeng, taichung county in central taiwan to evaluate the efficacy of control agents against mosquito larvae. the agents included bacillus thuringienesis israelensis (bti), two lagenidium giganteum products (lg product a and t), and temephos. the major mosquito species found in the rice paddies were culex tritaeniorhynchus/vishnui and anopheles sinensis. compared to controls, a 7-day treatment with bti or lg products a and t caused overall r ...200516007966
the resting sites and blood-meal sources of anopheles minimus in taiwan.the who declared taiwan free from malaria in 1965, but in 2003 the reporting of two introduced cases in a rural area suggested a possible local transmission of this disease. therefore, understanding the resting sites and the blood sources of anopheles minimus is crucial in order to provide information for implementing vector control strategies.200818538036
molecular epidemiology of japanese encephalitis virus in mosquitoes in taiwan during 2005-2012.japanese encephalitis (je) is a mosquito-borne zoonotic disease caused by the japanese encephalitis virus (jev). pigs and water birds are the main amplifying and maintenance hosts of the virus. in this study, we conducted a jev survey in mosquitoes captured in pig farms and water bird wetland habitats in taiwan during 2005 to 2012. a total of 102,633 mosquitoes were collected. culex tritaeniorhynchus was the most common mosquito species found in the pig farms and wetlands. among the 26 mosquito ...201425275652
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