entomologic and molecular investigation into plasmodium vivax transmission in singapore, 2009.singapore has been certified malaria free since november 1982 by the world health organization and despite occasional local transmission, the country has maintained the standing. in 2009, three clusters of malaria cases were reported in singapore.201021029478
sybr green-based one step quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction assay for the detection of zika virus in field-caught mosquitoes.the monitoring of vectors is one of the key surveillance measures to assess the risk of arbovirus transmission and the success of control strategies in endemic regions. the recent re-emergence of zika virus (zikv) in the tropics, including singapore, emphasizes the need to develop cost-effective, rapid and accurate assays to monitor the virus spread by mosquitoes. as zikv infections largely remain asymptomatic, early detection of zikv in the field-caught mosquitoes enables timely implementation ...201728927458
singapore's anopheles sinensis form a is susceptible to plasmodium vivax isolates from the western thailand-myanmar border.singapore has been certified malaria-free by the world health organization since november 1982. however, sporadic autochthonous malaria outbreaks do occur. in one of the most recent outbreaks of vivax malaria, an entomological investigation identified anopheles sinensis as the most probable vector. as metaphase karyotype studies divided an. sinensis into two forms, a and b, with different vector competence: the investigation of vector competence of an. sinensis found in singapore was thus pursue ...201729145859
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