eating habits of east asian people and transmission of order to understand the role of raw meat and viscera eating habits in the transmission of taeniasis in asian countries, 1502 infected aborigines in ten mountainous districts/towns of six counties in taiwan, 58 infected persons in two villages on cheju island, korea, and 97 cases in ambarita district on samosir island, north sumatra, indonesia were studied during the field surveys. all infected taiwan aborigines had the habit of eating raw meat and viscera of wild and/or domestic animals. amon ...19921356301
studies of taeniasis in taiwan. xii. prevalence of taeniasis among atayal aborigines in wufeng district, hsinchu county, northwest order to determine the prevalence of taeniasis in the wufeng district of hsinchu county, 341 school children from 2 primary schools and 748 atayal aborigines from 4 villages were examined with a scotch tape perianal swab and by questionnaire and demonstration of proglottides. the infection rates of taeniasis and enterobiasis among the school children were 1% and 8%, respectively. the overall infection rate of taeniasis among the atayal aborigines was 6%, and 189 previously treated and cured p ...19902352317
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