promoting effects of a single rhodopseudomonas palustris inoculant on plant growth by brassica rapa chinensis under low fertilizer input.several rhodopseudomonas palustris strains have been isolated from rice paddy fields in taiwan by combining the winogradsky column method and molecular marker detection. these isolates were initially screened by employing seed germination and seedling vigor assays to evaluate their potential as inoculants. to fulfill the demand in the present farming system for reducing the application of chemical fertilizers, we assessed the plant growth-promoting effects of the r. palustris ysc3, ysc4, and ps3 ...201425130882
a practical approach to minimize the interaction of dietary vitamin k with warfarin.the many interactions between warfarin and other drugs and foods generate great challenges for clinicians and patients in maintaining stable anitcoagulation. interactions due to variable vitamin k content of different dietary items influence the therapy of nearly all patients on warfarin. unfortunately, there is no widely acceptable, patient-friendly strategy for managing such interactions. in this contribution, we propose a practical approach to managing this troublesome interaction, consisting ...201424383939
evaluation of phytoavailability of heavy metals to chinese cabbage (brassica chinensis l.) in rural soils.this study compared the extractability of cd, cu, ni, pb, and zn by 8 extraction protocols for 22 representative rural soils in taiwan and correlated the extractable amounts of the metals with their uptake by chinese cabbage for developing an empirical model to predict metal phytoavailability based on soil properties. chemical agents in these protocols included dilute acids, neutral salts, and chelating agents, in addition to water and the rhizon soil solution sampler. the highest concentrations ...201425295297
chemical stabilization of cadmium in acidic soil using alkaline agronomic and industrial situ immobilization of heavy metals using reactive or stabilizing materials is a promising solution for soil remediation. therefore, four agronomic and industrial by-products [wood biochar (wb), crushed oyster shell (os), blast furnace slag (bfs), and fluidized-bed crystallized calcium (fbcc)] and caco3 were added to acidic soil (cd = 8.71 mg kg(-1)) at the rates of 1%, 2%, and 4% and incubated for 90 d. chinese cabbage (brassica chinensis l.) was then planted in the soil to test the cd uptak ...201323947715
extractability and bioavailability of zinc over time in three tropical soils incubated with biosolids.phytotoxicity of heavy metal is the primary concern in applying biosolids (sewage sludge) to agricultural land. this study evaluates the changes in chemical speciation of zn in three tropical soils of taiwan measured with sequential extraction over a one-year period. biosolids were applied to the soils at application rates of 10, 50 and 100 mg ha(-1), and correlated diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid (dtpa) and sequential extraction as extract for prediction of zn bioavailability to chinese ca ...200616213570
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