effect of benzyl butyl phthalate on physiology and proteome characterization of water celery (ipomoea aquatica forsk.).this study examined the effect of benzyl butyl phthalate (bbp), a phthalate ester (pae) and an endocrine disruptor, on water celery, ipomoea aquatica forsk., one of the most popular leaf vegetables in taiwan. after 28 days of cultivation, treatment with 100 mgl⁻¹ bbp retarded plant growth and decreased biomass and number of mature leaves and caused the accumulation of proline in leaves of water celery, but the concentrations of chlorophyll a and b in the leaves remained constant. 2-d gel electro ...201121496923
a practical approach to minimize the interaction of dietary vitamin k with warfarin.the many interactions between warfarin and other drugs and foods generate great challenges for clinicians and patients in maintaining stable anitcoagulation. interactions due to variable vitamin k content of different dietary items influence the therapy of nearly all patients on warfarin. unfortunately, there is no widely acceptable, patient-friendly strategy for managing such interactions. in this contribution, we propose a practical approach to managing this troublesome interaction, consisting ...201424383939
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