implementation of extended neonatal screening and a metabolic unit in the state of qatar: developing and optimizing strategies in cooperation with the neonatal screening center in heidelberg.qatar is a country in the gulf area and member of the gulf cooperation council states. the country is populated by original qatari tribes that amount to about 200,000 people and about 600,000 expatriates mainly from arabic and asian countries. inbreeding over centuries and high rates of consanguinity in the qatari population and in some groups of expatriates, in addition to large family sizes and rapid population growth, have contributed to a high frequency of autosomal recessive disorders. in d ...200717510756
association of time in blood glucose range with outcomes following cardiac surgery.the importance of optimal postoperative glycemic control in cardiac patients remains unclear. various glycemic targets have been prescribed to reduce wound infection and overall mortality rates.201525670921
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