antibacterial properties of tropical plants from puerto an effort to document the antibacterial properties of plants commonly used by the people of puerto rico, we studied the effects of 172 plant species, utilizing the disc diffusion method, against escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus. the methanolic extracts of 14 species showed antibacterial activities during this preliminary screen. these positive plant extracts were tested successively over 15 additional species. the results showed that extracts from citrus aurantifolia (rutaceae), cit ...200616492531
use of medicinal plants by ambulatory patients in puerto rico.the use of medicinal plants by the patients at the outpatient clinics of five health-care centers in puerto rico was evaluated. medication histories were obtained for 802 patients ranging in age from two months to 91 years. the most frequent medical diagnosis was cardiovascular disease (54% of the patients). respiratory and digestive disorders were the least frequent conditions, identified in only 9% and 6% of the cases, respectively. medicinal plants were used by 57% of the population. patients ...19846496496
tramil ethnopharmacological survey: knowledge distribution of medicinal plant use in the southeast region of puerto rico.tramil network aims to understand, validate and expand health practices based on the use of medicinal plants in the caribbean, a "biodiversity hotspot" due to high species endemism, intense development pressure and habitat loss.200919999241
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