unprovoked fatal shark attack in lifou island (loyalty islands, new caledonia, south pacific) by a great white shark, carcharodon carcharias.the case of a fatal, unprovoked shark attack is reported and analyzed. the incident took place on the 30th of september 2007, in the lagoon of luengoni bay, lifou island (loyalty islands, new caledonia). a young french woman who was snorkeling was severely bitten on the right thigh and died of hemorrhage. an analysis based in particular on the size and color of the shark, the characteristics of the wounds, and the behavior of the shark before and after the bite suggests that the aggressor was a ...201020606572
features and motivation of a fatal attack by a juvenile white shark, carcharodon carcharias, on a young male surfer in new caledonia (south pacific).we present the case of a non provoked fatal shark attack on a 19-year old male surfer in new caledonia. several severe bites removed the right arm and all flesh from the right thigh, provoking a quick hypovolemic shock that was fatal. the information provided by a witness and the analysis of a partial bite on the right calf allowed us to identify a 2.7 m tl (est. length) white shark as responsible for this attack. the features of the attack are consistent with a young predator motivated by hunge ...201323756534
fatal tiger shark, galeocerdo cuvier attack in new caledonia erroneously ascribed to great white shark, carcharodon understand the causes and patterns of shark attacks on humans, accurate identification of the shark species involved is necessary. often, the only reliable evidence for this comes from the characteristics of the wounds exhibited by the victim. the present case report is intended as a reappraisal of the luengoni, 2007 case (international shark attack file no. 4299) where a single shark bite provoked the death of a swimmer by haemorrhagic shock. our examination of the wounds on the body of the ...201526048500
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